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Neighbourhoods and Housing - helping people have a healthy and happy place to live.

It is a basic human right to have a good quality home where you feel safe and secure. Our Neighbourhoods and Housing team go beyond that, making improvements, so people can be healthy and happy in their neighbourhood, and are finding ways to reduce our energy consumption, transition to renewable energy and live in a way that protects our environment.

We recruit -

  • tenancy officers and assistants who support people living in council-owned homes
  • housing surveyors
  • neighbourhood co-ordinators,
  • project surveyors
  • lifeline workers who help people stay independent

Our team also support rough sleepers and provide housing options, work in sheltered housing, support refugees and gypsy and travellers.

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Team member neighbourhoods and housing

Chris Dearing - Renewals Programme Manager

Christopher Dearing

"We try new ideas. And in some areas are trailblazers."

Everything I do makes a difference in one way or another. From supporting some of the most vulnerable residents to being part of projects that make real long-term differences to people in Hull.

I assemble land so we can build new homes and I also review accommodation and care for residents living in exempt accommodation - a type of housing for people with support needs, such as -

  • people who are homeless
  • domestic abuse survivors
  • prison leavers
  • people recovering from alcohol and drug addiction

I make sure it’s of a suitable standard and it represents good value.

The work is rewarding, a benefit in itself. Regardless of grade, you have a voice and given the opportunity to try new things. Your contribution is recognised.

One of the major benefits has been gaining professional qualifications that have allowed me to develop myself and progress.

As a council, we try new ideas and in some areas are trailblazers, who other councils look to emulate. As such, we help formulate central government policy and guidance. These relationships can bring about other opportunities.

My favourite thing about Hull? The attitude that we will get on and do whatever we need to.

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