Woman applying for a job at home using a laptopWe do not accept a Curriculum Vitae (CV) as an application for our jobs, we require a full application form to be completed.

To apply for a job online, you need to have registered with us to create your account.

Once you are signed in to your account you can search available jobs and select individual jobs to access more details.

To apply for a job, select the button 'Apply for this job', the application form will open up for you to complete.

Our internal vacancies are open to all current employees including -

  • agency workers
  • apprentices
  • trainees on paid placement with us

Completing the form

The application form is the first step of the process we use to assess you and tells us whether we can interview you. Our decision whether we progress with your application will be based on the information provided within the application form, which we will compare with the job description and person specification.

Applications must be fully completed to be accepted. This means you must read all the information first to make sure that the job and the conditions are suitable for you, these can be found in the job description and personal specification attached to the vacancy advert.

You need to ensure that your application includes thorough descriptions of your experience, with examples of how you meet the essential criteria and any desirable criteria from the job description. The person specification also tells you how the requirement is identified –

  • AF = from the application form so you must ensure you include the information on the application
  • I = is at interview
  • T = is from a test

Often AF/I is added so you must be prepared to go into more details at interview.

To avoid discrimination, we do not accept CVs either on their own or accompanied by a completed application form and uses the information you include in your application form in 3 parts -

  1. personal information, such as name and contact details 
    • personal details will not be shared with the recruitment panel until after the application assessment has taken place, reflecting our fair and transparent recruitment and selection practices
  2. your employment history, experience, and qualifications
    • this is the only section provided to the recruitment panel for the application assessment stage
  3. criminal record information
    • the recruitment panel will only see this information if the applicant is progressed to the next stage of the selection process

You can complete part of the form and come back to it later to enter further details. You can find your part completed applications by signing in to your account to view your homepage where you will find incomplete applications. Each page of information is saved by clicking the 'next' button at the bottom of each page.

If you are unable to move onto the next page, check you have completed all the mandatory questions. These will have a * next to them. If a section is not applicable to you then please state this as you still need to all the form in.

You must save your form before using the previous button or the information on the current page will be lost.

If you want to print your application off before you have submitted it you can print each page by right clicking and choosing the print option.

Submitting completed applications

Once you have answered all the questions on the form, please check it thoroughly before selecting next on the last page. Once you have selected next on the last page your form is submitted and you will be unable to change it. If you do not want to submit the application form at this stage, use the 'Close' button on the last page.

Once you have submitted your application the system will send you a confirmation of receipt by email. The system will use your email address stored within your registration details therefore, it is very important to keep your registration details up to date. If you do not receive a notification, check your registration details to ensure that you have entered your email address correctly. Also check in your spam/junk folder. You may have a filtering system set up on your computer that will not accept our emails.

If you decide you do not want to apply for a job, you are only able to delete your application if you are in the ‘applying stage’ and before you have submitted your application. Once you have submitted your application it cannot be deleted. If you delete an application you can reapply if the job is still available. If you withdraw an application you are unable to reapply.

To print a submitted application, you need to sign in to your account to access your home page, here you will find an option for 'Completed Applications'. Select the job title and your application can be accessed at the end of the document where you will find the button 'Print'.

Politically restricted posts

If a post is classed as politically restricted, you will be unable to -

  • stand as a Councillor
  • hold office in a political party
  • stand as a MEP
  • canvass at elections
  • publicly support a political party
  • stand as a MP