Data Protection

The information you supply in your user account and application will only be used to shortlist and select for each position you apply for.

If you are successful in your application, your application and equal opportunities information will form part of your manual and computerised personal file and your personal data will be used for employment and payroll processing purposes. This information will be retained in accordance with the council’s retention and disposal schedule.

For candidates who are not successful in their application, the information is usually kept for a period of one year after the closing date and then destroyed. Only aggregated, anonymised data from the Equal Opportunities Monitoring section is kept after that period to enable effective monitoring to take place.

By completing and submitting an application, you consent to Hull City Council processing such personal data as may be necessary for the administration of its recruitment and selection processes or meeting our obligations under the employment legislation.

The information you supply will not be used in any other way and will be processed in accordance with your rights under the Data Protection Act 2018.

Canvassing of Elected Members or Senior Officers of the City Council

You must not seek the support of Elected Members or Senior Officers of the Council in relation to your application or attempt to ask them to influence the decision. If you do, you will be disqualified.

For the purposes of this section, a senior officer is defined as any employee of the Council who is on KHCC Grade 8 or equivalent salary point or above, or any other employee who holds a position in which he/she is able to exert influence over management decisions, particularly concerning recruitment and selection. This will include headteachers and teachers in schools on or above the equivalent salary point.

Eligibility to work in the UK

The Asylum and Immigration Act 1996 requires all employers in the UK to make basic document checks on every person they intend to employ to ensure they are eligible to work in the UK. We will need to see proof of your National Insurance number and a passport or birth certificate.

If you are not able to produce these documents there are alternative documents we can look at which prove that you are eligible to work in the UK.
Contact us by email at

Working Time Regulations/Multi-Employment

Whenever possible, working hours will be limited to an average 48-hour week. The Council will take all reasonable steps to ensure that its employees do not exceed this limit.

When any provisional offer of employment is made, you will be required to notify the Council of all other work you intend to do in addition to the post being offered. This is to ensure compliance with the Working Time Regulations and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations.

Secondment/Fixed term information

All fixed term vacancies are available for consideration of appointment on a secondment basis.  Any Hull City Council employee wishing to apply on a secondment basis should firstly review the Council’s Secondment Policy and discuss with their Line Manager.

Voluntary Early Termination (VET) / Redundancy Leavers

There are restrictions on re-engaging former employees who left Hull City Council under the Early Termination of Employment Scheme.  Individuals who left under this scheme are not eligible for re-employment by the Council for a specific period, determined by the terms in place at the point of termination.

We are therefore unable to accept applications from any former employees who -

  • have previously worked for Hull City Council and left as a result of compulsory redundancy, or voluntary redundancy as part of a restructure, within the last 12 months
  • have previously worked for Hull City Council and left as a result of voluntary redundancy, within the last 5 years

If you are about to receive a Redundancy Payment

If you are an external candidate and you expect to receive a redundancy payment from another local authority or any organisation covered by the Redundancy Payments (Modification) Order, you are required to bring this to the attention of the service area with which you are seeking employment.

Criminal Record information

If you have a criminal record, this does not mean that the Council will automatically refuse to employ you. You can find out more about what you will need to tell us about using the link below.

Criminal record information